Bula Baby - Change Mat Kits

This 2 in 1 portable change station has a large easy-care, wipe-clean vinyl pad designed to prevent other surfaces from being soiled while you change your baby - Perfect for traveling!


The waterproof pad folds down to a compact 12.4 x 8.3 inch so it stores away conveniently - It also comes with a handy clip so you can attach it to your stroller!


Has a handy zip pocket for used napkins, plus internal pockets for all your diaper essentials like spare napkins, cloth, cream, wipes & diapers


Versatile change pad conveniently detaches from the rest of the station, in case you want take only part of it along


The pad has an ultra-soft side for your baby to lay that won't irritate sensitive skin - Large enough for toddlers too! (36.2 x 21.25 inches)


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Bula Bula

Say it.  Just once, maybe twice.  It is hard to say the words without a smile immediately parting from your lips.  Go ahead...try it.  The word is heard everywhere in Fiji. 


Bula originates from the Fijian culture and means anything from hello, goodbye, welcome, love and more. 

It means LIFE.  


Regardless of where you live...celebrate LIFE. 


Enjoy how one simple word can transform your entire day.


Bula Baby- Bringing happiness to your parenting.


Bula Baby


9450 SW Gemini Dr # 96088

Beaverton, OR 97008-7105



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