Bula Baby - Table Edge Guards

High density foam strip comes in a 16.4 foot roll (5 meters) -  Providing extra coverage & safety for your toddler - Cuts easily to the exact length you need to fit seamlessly to furniture


Comes with 8 precision-cut, 90 degree corner protectors with special inside lip designed to grip your furniture's own trim securely, so there's less chance of it pulling away - Great for child-proofing kitchen counters & accent pieces with metal trim


Double-sided adhesive tape is provided by 3M ®, representing the highest standard of excellence and quality in the industry. Provides super-strong bond yet it's easy to apply and remove


Furniture corner safety bumpers & cushion strip material features high impact absorption rate, providing optimal safety & protection for active toddlers around your home - Toddler-proof your home - Prevent serious injury & enjoy peace of mind!