Bula Baby - Folding Stools

SECURE LOCKING SYSTEM - When folded out it locks solidly in place with a new innovative 3 point locking system. This solves many of the problems with middle folding step stools that are not as stable and can catch childrens fingers. This is straight out safer for your family.


LIGHTWEIGHT AND PORTABLE - A handle makes it easy for your child to pick up and carry to where they want to get to. Folds away for easy storage under the bed or beside a cabinet to be out of the way when not in use. .


PERFECT FOR BUILDING KIDS Confidence and Independence. Whether it's turning on a light, reaching an item of a higher shelf in the nursery, standing at the kitchen bench, in the bathroom brushing their teeth or using the toilet, your toddler will love this step stool. They can even use it as a chair or use it as a table.


THE DETAILS - Made of durable yet lightweight plastic The Step Stool stands 12 inches high, is 10 inches wide and 14 inches in length. It can hold 220 pounds, which means many adults can use this fold away step stool in the kitchen, around the home to reach high storage cupboards.


NON SLIP GRIP - The feet of the stool have rubber grips to keep the stool stable on potentially slippery floors like tiles, wood or vinyl. The top of the stool has soft grip diamonds for ensuring little feet are stable when on the stool.