Bula Baby - Double Diaper Bag

Bula Baby's Diaper Tote bag is the one you need to take everything on the go in style.


Its easy to carry, looks great and fits everything a baby boy, girl or even twins would need when on the go.


Keeps your purse and other valuables such as tablets secure with the internal zip and multitude of inner pockets.


Easily fits diapers, baby snacks, extra clothes, toys, drink bottle and all your valuables all hidden out of sight and secure with the inner zippers.


The tote bag can be swung over your shoulder with the handy strap or just grab the handles and away you go.


Its versatile and fashionable whether you hop on the bus as a bag or walk to the park with the tote bag attached to the stroller.


Size: 13"l x 4.5"w x 14"h.


The Bula Baby Diaper Bag is your must have for a growing family.

Bula Baby - "On the Go"2 Bottle Tote Bags

The Bula Baby "On the Go" 2 bottle Insulated Cooler is light, convenient, stylish and also makes a great solution for travelling with your baby's milk bottles or snack food.


The insulation keeps up to two good sized bottles or sippy cups cool or warm for hours.


The adjustable strap allows the bag to easily attach to a stroller. The two way zips make opening and closing simple and the easy wipe interior means cleaning is a breeze.


When not in use the bag folds flat and can be tucked out of the way.


The graphite grey chevron pattern with the distinctive Bula Baby red tabs makes it a fashionable option for both parents when out and about.


Grab your Bula Baby "On the Go" Cooler Bag today.

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Bula Bula

Say it.  Just once, maybe twice.  It is hard to say the words without a smile immediately parting from your lips.  Go ahead...try it.  The word is heard everywhere in Fiji. 


Bula originates from the Fijian culture and means anything from hello, goodbye, welcome, love and more. 

It means LIFE.  


Regardless of where you live...celebrate LIFE. 


Enjoy how one simple word can transform your entire day.


Bula Baby- Bringing happiness to your parenting.


Bula Baby


9450 SW Gemini Dr # 96088

Beaverton, OR 97008-7105



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